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Your financial institution partners with IBA Securities, a division of Broker Dealer Financial Services Corp., to offer a comprehensive range of products and services.

IBA Securities has provided investment services and support to financial institutions and their customers since 1984 and is the only bank investment program endorsed by the Iowa Bankers Association

Why Investment & Insurance Programs?

Fee Income Opportunity Industry average profit margins for bank investment programs were 26 percent in 2010, according to a study conducted by consultant Ken Kehrer with Kehrer-LIMRA, a research firm specializing in bank distribution of investment and insurance products. By partnering with IBA Securities to develop a customized insurance and investment program, you’ll receive competitive commission payouts with tiered rates based on volume plus low operating expenses. IBA Securities works with you to develop and maintain a program that is cost effective and profitable.

Investment and Insurance Customers Are Desirable According to the MacroMonitor survey conducted by the Consumer Financial Decisions Group of Strategic Business Insights, 39% of households that have purchased an investment or insurance product from their financial institution have between $100,000 and $1 million in investable assets.

Missed Opportunity The MacroMonitor survey showed that more than 50% of U.S. households keep the majority of their savings and investments at a bank or credit union. But among these households, only 15% of them also have a brokerage or insurance relationship with that institution.

Increase Customer Loyalty Evidence has long suggested that the more banking products a household uses, the less likely they are to switch primary financial institutions. Per the MacroMonitor survey, customers who say they would not switch have purchased 50 percent more investment and insurance products where they bank, on average, than customers who would definitely think about switching. This suggests that the investments or insurance relationship has a larger impact on loyalty than the number or type of banking products used.

Customer Trust Already Exists Financial institutions have already developed trust with existing customers. Since trust is critically important in purchasing investments and insurance, banks and credit unions are missing the opportunity by not adding investment and insurance relationships with existing customers.

How We Help You Grow Your Program, Your Way

Implementation & Conversion IBA Securities is committed to offering a streamlined implementation and conversion process to make your transition as seamless as possible. We have the intellectual capital, resources and the right team of professionals to guide you through the initial startup, regulatory approval, financial advisor registration and all the critical steps to get your program running.

Compliance Support You can depend on our experienced compliance team to provide a host of compliance services, including account review and approval, trade transaction supervision and review, on-site branch audits, licensing and registration, complaint resolution, firm element continuing education and marketing material review.

Leading-Edge Technology By offering leading-edge technology, we strive to help you stay competitive and increase efficiency, while providing a high level of personal service. We offer your customers the option of online access to their account(s) for their personal convenience.

Marketing Assistance We will assist you in creating a customized marketing plan that is tailored to the needs of your program.

Education & Sales Training We offer a broad range of training opportunities, educational programs, seminars, conferences and events to help financial advisors attain further knowledge while serving the best interest of your customers.

Extensive Product Selection We offer an open architecture of products that will help you maintain a competitive edge while assisting in the development and growth of your program. You will have access to a full range of non-proprietary financial products that have been through our due diligence process.

Full-Service Program Our full-service program is structured to deliver investment products with the assistance of dual employees. The dual-employee arrangement is generally preferred since it provides the highest level of control to the financial institution.


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Why IBA Securities?

Cody Phelps, President & CEO, Broker Dealer Financial Services Corp., & Investment Advisors Corp.

Cody Phelps
Relationship Manager, IBA Securities 
(515) 727-6717

Please contact Cody Phelps to learn more at (844) 468-5800 or (515) 727-6717. We welcome you to continue exploring the benefits of being affiliated with IBA Securities - Division of Broker Dealer Financial Services Corp. and Investment Advisors Corp.


Please contact us to learn more at (844) 468-5800 or join us. We welcome you to continue exploring the benefits of being affiliated with Broker Dealer Financial Services Corp. and Investment Advisors Corp.

We are committed to providing our financial advisors with an exceptional partnership to ensure they have the support and resources needed to assist their clients in achieving their financial goals.

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